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Tambisan Travel.

Bringing and Guiding You Closure to Nature

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Welcome to amazing Tambisan

Let's find some beautiful place to get lost

Tambisan Travel & Tour

Tambisan Travel and Tours is a travel agency focusing on destination within Sabah especially in rural area. We will bring you to experience the beautiful of Sabah including adventure, culture, nature and many more.

Some of Featured Pictures

Tambisan Attraction.

Tambisan located at Lahad Datu has many attractions that can be discovered, get with the nature and discover more culturaly and get mesmerize with the nature beauty of the area.

Tambisan Destination

Start your adventure with us and explore the nature wonder at Tambisan.

Tambisan Island Lodge

It is located 3 hours drive from Lahad Datu town and wholly owned by Tambisan Travel and Tours. You will enjoy the greatest scenery of Tambisan Island and high up your adrenaline with a amazing jungle trekking ./p>


Explore Lahad Datu

Lahad datu is home of to the Segama Dusuns, Idahan and the Bangkahak Dusuns. It is lies the Tawau Division on the East Coast of Sabah. The interior mountain ranges stand its west and celebes sea boards boarders it from east Lahad Datu.


Embracing Your Moments in Sandakan

Sandakan is surrounded by many popular attraction. It is a paradise of watching wildlife, nature and histories. In town you may visit the Sandakan Memorial Park, Puh Gih Jih ( Chinese Temple), St. Micheal an All Angels Church, Buli Sim-Sim and Agnes Keith House and Museum.


Tailor-Made Tour

Tell us what you would like to do and where you would like to go. We be gladly arrange your personal prefered travel itineraries with the right quote for you that exactly matches your preferences.